Update from Gift from Furzedown

The team at GFF are working on a new community project where we can come together to show our love and appreciation and support to some other key workers keeping us going through the pandemic. 
There is a huge surge of amazing support for our NHS, and not forgetting them at all we want to give our thanks to some other key workers, school staff, supermarket workers, posties, refuse collectors, GP surgery staff and more……
We will ask for small gifts and cards from you which we will collect and distribute on behalf of the community.
Cup-cakes, tray bakes, cookies, jams, cards, pictures, poems……….
I will be making some unisex ‘made with love’ bracelets, face masks, chocolate truffles……
Have a think about what you can make and contribute. We are having a zoom meeting on Monday to finalise proceedings and then we will let you know. 
Money donations will also be welcome so we can add to the gifts.
We are also working on some art kits for creative escape to include materials that many may not have access to, to help with mental health for all ages!  
In the meantime, if you have any ideas or want to let me know if you can make something, please contact me anastasiacapewell@hotmail.co.uk.

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