Unlocking Furzedown


With the imposition of the Lockdown during the pandemic in Spring 2020, there was a necessity for everyone to exercise locally and so, for most people in Furzedown, this meant that our wonderful and interesting common became our main focus. On the walks to the common, many discovered just how many friends they had in Furzedown ‘village’, and those who were just acquaintances before, became friends over the weeks.

However, at times, in order to avoid the growing number of people using the common, daily walks would often be down neighbouring roads we were perhaps less acquainted with but what an eye-opener! The quiet, warm and sunny spring during Lockdown unlocked a world of beauty as, day by day, the natural scene of Furzedown changed; new buds, new blossoms, new birdsong.

In order to capture these glorious scenes so that they could be re-visited, even in the depths of winter, a call went out for people to submit photos, videos, sound clips, music, poetry etc. so that the community could create a lasting memory. A number of Furzedownians showed an interest in the idea and amongst them was a local professional film director who agreed to take on the realization of the idea.

There were a few initial Zoom meetings with the Film Project Team of ten and by the deadline date in May, over two hundred submissions had been received. After the difficult task of selecting a certain number of appropriate contributions, a ‘narrative’ was formed to give order and sequence to the material. The final editing stage was undertaken in collaboration with two members of staff from Graveney School’s Media Studies Department.

We believe that, even amid difficult circumstances, we have been able to create a lasting memory of when, for many, the beauty of Furzedown was unlocked during the Lockdown in Spring 2020.


Link to ‘Unlocking Furzedown’ Film

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