Minutes of AGM in January 2016

Minutes of Furzedown Community Network

Annual General Meeting – Saturday 23 January 2016

at The Project at 6pm


Present:   Finola Williams (Chair), Helen Long (Vice Chair), Jo Baxter (Treasurer), Suzanne Ellis (Secretary), David Andrew, Steffi Backhouse, Dawn Thomas, Lorna Moxham, Geoff Greensmith, Sue Clarke, Angie Stephenson, Leonie Cooper, Peter Ramell, Anthony Langan, Joanna Town, Audrey Silkin, Alexander Sharma, Gwen Race, Liz Sines, Alan Feast, Annie McCall, Helen Matthews, Ben Garside, Jane Callister, Jane Toffolo, Debbie Morey, Gitte Rinds, Ann Waller, Mark Thomas, Bibi Telez Garside


Apologies:  Tim Kahn, Candida Jones, Sarah Armstrong, Christie Billings, Dan Watkins


Minutes of last AGM.  The minutes were adopted.


Chair’s Report.  See attached report.  The Chair thanked Dawn Thomas for her hard work organising another very successful Big Day Out and also thanked Rosie Burridge (catering), James Wallis (bar) and Kathy Kavan (poster design) who are not on the FCN committee yet play a big part in a successful event.  Anthony Langan was thanked for organising a very successful election hustings.  Jo Baxter had run another great Christmas Market.  The Quiz was successful and a very close run competition.  Finola also thanked Vijay Bhuchar and Suzanne Ellis for moderating the FCN chatgroup.  There had been a membership drive where she, Peter Ramell and Suzanne Ellis put membership forms in every door in Furzedown and increased membership by around 100.  


Treasurer’s Report.  See attached report.  The Treasurer presented the accounts for 2015 which had been independently examined by Pius Gnanapragasm.  The Treasurer thanked the committee for all their hard work in organising successful events, recruiting members, making cakes and all else required for the FCN raise funds for the Big Day Out.  She also thanked Christie Billings for writing productive funding bids which required a lot of documentation.  The Treasurer advised that Pius Gnanapragasm was willing to independently examine the FCN accounts for 2016.


Constitutional Changes.  See attached paper.  All the changes were agreed.  The Secretary would produce a new constitution to be adopted and signed at a future FCN Committee meeting.  It was agreed by the AGM that FCN subscription charges would not change.


Election of officers and of members of the committee


Following discussion, the below were elected as officers:


Role Person Proposer Seconder
Chair   Finola Williams Jo Baxter Helen Long
Vice- Chair   Sarah Armstrong Gitte Rinds Joanna Town
Treasurer Peter Ramell Suzanne Ellis Steffi Backhouse
Secretary Suzanne Ellis Helen Long Jo Baxter


The other members of the committee were elected as follows:

Elected members: David Andrew, Steffi Backhouse, Jo Baxter, Sue Clarke, Leonie Cooper, Anthony Langan, Lorna Moxham, Angie Stephenson, Candida Jones, Jane Callister, Jane Toffolo, Debbie Morey,

Co-opted members: Christy Billings, Tim Kahn, Dawn Thomas, Helen Long


FCN work and future plans


  1. a)  Dawn Thomas reported on FCN’s support of the FACE campaign to raise the £15k shortfall for the planned St George’s hospital teenage cancer facility.  Possibilities were a schools mufti day on St George’s Day, a comedy night and a 100 club.


  1. b)  The Furzedown Festival Big Day Out will be 18 June 2016 with a theme of ‘Carnival’ to link in with the Olympics in Rio.  Dawn Thomas would again be organising this.


  1. c)  Jazz on the Lawn with the South London Jazz Orchestra would be 17 July at Streatham Park Bowls Club.


  1. d)  The FCN chatgroup now has over 2000 members and dealt with approximately 8,000 emails during 2015.  There is a Facebook page and a twitter account (@furzedown_net) with 1600 followers.


  1. e)  There are about 200 paid members of the FCN.  Angie Stephenson is now membership secretary.


  1. f)  Sue Clarke spoke about the Furzedown foodbank, overseen by Wandsworth Trussell Trust, located in St Paul’s church, Welham Road.  The foodbank has been going for three years now and overall Wandsworth’s five foodbanks have provided food for 8,000 people including 3,000 children.  There are 200 local organisations who can give out food vouchers for those in need.  These include schools, churches, doctor’s surgeries, playgroups, St George’s hospital, WBC social and children’s services and housing departments.


  1. g)  Peter Pan.  Four performances of this production would occur at Mitcham Lane Baptist Church over three days at the end of January.  FCN would provide refreshments.


Any other business

No other business arose.

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