Events Info

FCN organises a number of events during the year, often with other people involved, having stalls, putting on garden events and engaged in other ways which we welcome.

Many of the events are large public events and FCN is careful to pay attention to Health and Safety, inclusivity and access for people with disabilities We take these issues seriously and expects anyone working with us in putting on events to consider those factors.

It is important that the responsibility for all aspects of our events are clear and have to ask anyone involved in any event to agree to the following.

By participating in a Furzedown Community Network (FCN) event you confirm that you have read and have accepted the following conditions:

You are solely responsible for ensuring that the goods, services and any equipment that you provide or offer during the event are safe and kept secure. By participating you accept in full both the risks inherent in your goods, services and equipment as well as a duty of care to ensure they are suitable for the intended use and kept safe. FCN and [the organisers of FCN events] accept no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever caused by or to the goods, services or any equipment that you provide or offer during the event. You agree to fully indemnify FCN and [the organisers of its FCN events] against any and all claims of any kind arising from loss, damage or injury so caused. By participating you furthermore accept that any assistance related to an FCN event that you accept in any form at any time is without warranty of any kind and will not relieve you of any of the foregoing obligations.
You should also provide any fire safety equipment that is appropriate to the goods and services on offer or the equipment that you intend to use.

Food Hygiene Safety
You should have a current Food Hygiene Certificate and anyone who is present on the stall should have been adequately instructed in safe food preparation and handling. You are solely responsible for ensuring that all foodstuffs are safely prepared, stored in transit and during the event.
All ingredients should be clearly shown in addition to a notice advising that anyone with allergies should check before purchasing/eating products.
You are advised to keep a copy of your Public Liability Insurance with you in the event our council representative requests this on the day.

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