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About us

The problem of single-use plastic affects us all, and we share responsibility for it both as individuals and collectively as a community.

The aim of Plastic-Free Furzedown is to help eliminate single-use plastic in our community.

We will work with all sections of our community, including individuals, businesses and community groups to help them reduce their reliance on single-use disposable plastic and we would like to see Furzedown become single-use plastic-free.

To clarify, SINGLE-USE plastic products are used only once before they are thrown away or possibly recycled. These items include plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, drinks bottles and most food packaging. Many of these items cannot be recycled.

We would also like to raise awareness among the community about plastic and environmental issues and provide guidance on achieving a more sustainable lifestyle.

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The planning group meets monthly and we have regular public meetings, email for details.

Notes of meetings are available here.

Furzedown Refill London Scheme 

We have just been accepted on the Mayor of London’s Refill London Scheme where there are now hundreds of shops, businesses and theatres signed up to offering free tap water refills – see page of local sites.

Furzedown is part of their community-based Refill Scheme and we will be working in our local Furzedown community to help stop thousands of plastic bottles at source. Initially we will work with pubs, restaurants and cafes in the Furzedown area to support them to provide free tap water refills. Each one which signs up will have a sticker visible in their window, and this will be publicised on our webpage and social media.








Here are some easy ways to start off:

Food and Fruit & Vegetable Shopping

  • Ask local shops to commit to reducing plastic packaging
  • Buy from market, farmers markets, BYO in Tooting Market, and reduce our reliance on large supermarkets unless they commit to plastic free products.
  • Have a local farmers’ market in Furzedown.
  • Look for loose fruit and veg in supermarkets. Morrisons and Lidl? use paper bags in their fruit and veg aisles.
  • Bring along reusable net bags or boxes to put loose produce in.
  • Do without something which is heavily packaged.
  • Buy ham, cheese, fish and meat, etc. loose in your own re-usable plastic boxes
  • Try using the milkman with his reusable  glass bottles (and electric cart – an added environmental bonus!)

Eating & Drinking / Takeaways

  • Give your child a re-usable cup
  • Ask shops to stock re-usable cups and bags
  • Bring your own cups/bags/containers (even plastic) for takeaways. That’s one less wasted, and chip plastic bags, Indian takeaways, pizzas
  • Find out what local cafes use for takeaways, and suggest alternatives
  • Awareness Talks to local schools and other local organisations, e.g.Furzedown Project, FCN, etc.


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