Mitcham Lane


Over the last couple of years the FCN has taken an interest in the condition of Mitcham Lane and we are pleased to be involved in continuing discussions. In January 2014 the ward councillors carried out a survey of forty business on Mitcham Lane: the issues identified are set out in the following paper. Wandsworth Council committee paper on Mitcham Lane 1st July 2014

The paper was agreed and the Council then decided to submit a bid for some funding for Highways improvements. This was successful and a smaller pot of money for shopfront improvements has also been established.

Since last July, a Mitcham Lane group has been convened, originally just shopkeepers, Council officers and Councillors. two local councillors, Mark Thomas and Leonie Cooper, and Suzanne Richeux from St Albans are now members. We’ve met regularly since then, appointed project managers and are currently nailing down exactly how the Highways Improvements and the shopfront improvements can be implemented, within the budget we currently have.

The improvements will NOT mean all shopfronts are upgraded, nor will it mean changes to the highway along the full stretch of Mitcham Lane in Wandsworth, BUT it will be a beginning and I think I can guarantee you will all see a difference. It has all taken some time – but things will progress and change, hopefully with the project progressing still further in future years.

Separately from the above project, Mitcham Lane has also been raised at the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team, with discussion focussing on drug use, aggressive begging, loitering groups of youths, shop fronts half-closed, etc. The shopfronts issue was also raised by me with the Council Planning team. The police are therefore aware of local concerns, not least because some of you also raise them direct – but if anyone is intimidated or wants to report anything else do please ring 101. Anything more serious, ring 999, obviously.

The 2016 consultation documents are available download pdf here.


Update August 2017


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