Furzedown Tree Trail

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The Tree trail booklet is now available at various places in Furzedown and the pdf file.A FTreeTrail 32 pgs.13.04.21screen

Tree Trail Map

The route through Furzedown is a ‘round trip’ that can be started or ended at any point, with a special tree identification activity along the wonderfully varied strip of trees opposite the houses on Clairview Road. The route goes through the Furzedown Rec, visits the Garden of Discovery on Welham Road and offers the opportunity to head off to Tooting Common for further adventures. It can be broken up into smaller sections if desired.

The 30+ trees are numbered in the table below so you can visit them, read up about them, try the suggested activities and quiz questions and tick each tree off as you go. The trail visits well known tree species, large and small, as well as some more unusual or particularly spectacular trees. The trail also includes some trees recommended by local residents as being special for them in some way. You will see plenty of other trees on your way round the trail and hopefully, will be able to identify more of them by the time you have completed it.  There are plenty of good tree identification books, websites and apps to help you. One of the best apps is PictureThis. https://www.picturethisai.com/ and The Woodland Trust offers a good tree identification guide: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/a-z-of-british-trees/ 

For the recommended activities, bring some paper and crayons, pens and pencils, a tape measure, a phone/camera, a paper bag and a scarf. 

Let us know how you get on…artwork, photos, anything tree-inspired! Email anything you’d like to share to furzedown1000trees@outlook.com We can put good photos and artwork on our website www.1000treesforfurzedown.co.uk 

Visit the trees at different times during the year. How have they changed?

Most of all, have fun, appreciate London’s ‘urban forest’ status, and, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, consider planting another tree, some hedging, or beneficial shrubs. If you would like to see more trees planted in your street, contact the Wandsworth Trees Team by emailing trees@enablelc.org or calling 020 3959 0070.

Clairview Road Identification Exercise

There are at least 11 different types of trees in this strip of Tooting Common. Wander under the trees and see how many you can identify.

See https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2020/03/tree-id-kids/ for a useful leaf identification guide.

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Trail produced by 1000 Trees for Furzedown  www.1000treesforfurzedown.co.uk  in association with The Furzedown Community Network FCN 

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