A Gift from Furzedown update.

This huge project is coming along nicely, we are still filling the stockings ready to be wrapped and returned to us ready to distribute to some of the local schools , Faylands children centre and the Furzedown project next week.
We are aware there are many charitable projects this year more than others and we thank you sincerely for donating and supporting to this Furzedown one.
Adam has kindly been accepting your donations of gifts for weeks now for which we are so grateful as he also collects for the food bank as you know.
At this point if you would still like to donate to the 280 festive gift bags and stockings we are making up, small cash gifts would be better at this stage so we can identify any gaps that need filling, I still have a year 1,2,3 and 4 to pack , however many are tagged and ready to go!
There are kind people all around Furzedown busily wrapping for us which is such an amazing help.
Jane Tingle has done a wonderful job of collecting books and wrapping them so each and every bag will have a book from us!
Sarah has completed all the under 5’s ready for distribution and is about to embark on the grotto for the children’s centre.
Moira has been non stop sewing pretty stockings and bags, and her and Dave are also packing and wrapping the stockings for the older members of the community.
Judy has been liaising with the schools in order to identify numbers and ages of the children who will be benefitting as well as making up some gorgeous stockings!
Lynn has been helping work out all the logistics as well as creating the beautiful Sprout Xmas market, Iain is on hand to photograph parts of the operation and Lynn is waiting in the wings to start the distribution next week!
There are many more to thank but I’m not sure I’m allowed to write so much……!!
I will let you all know when the project is complete and the wonderful gifts that you have given are on their way to make someone happy this Christmas time!


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