Covid advice for stall holders

FCN guidance for stalls – Christmas 2020 Tier 2 


These guidelines are designed to clarify the situation for stalls in Furzedown in December 2020 and the FCN committee expect all stallholders to follow this advice. 


  • A stall can be considered its own place of business, comparable to retail outlets in a shopping centre. Any business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic is obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff, volunteers and customers.  

Social distancing should be observed, keeping at least 2m apart,  (or 1 metre with risk mitigation), and we should ensure that people do not meet in groups of more than 6. 

  • Attendees and vendorsshould consider wearing non-medical face masks, even if a mask is not necessary for the work they are performing. 
  • Consider implementing measures to minimize the risk of transmission, such as: 

o Performing frequent hand hygiene.  

o Creating barriers (e.g. glass or plastic partitions) between patrons and workers,  

o Eliminating food sampling.  

o Preventing customers from gathering in groups of more than 6. 

o Asking customers to refrain from handling products and to point out the items they want bagged by staff.  

o Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), 

  • Follow cleaning and disinfecting practices, including regular sanitation of any stall surfaces and equipment touched by workers and patrons. 
  • Take precautions at the point of sale to reduce transmission. 

o Physically distance workers from patrons or install physical barriers.  

o Sanitize electronic keypads or touchscreens after each use.  

o Minimize the handling of money.  

o Ensure gloves are available for workers handling cash.  

  • Develop strategies to minimize the handling of objects between multiple attendees and ensure frequent cleaning and disinfecting of these objects. If an items is shared between attendees, attendees should: 

o Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or alcohol based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol before and after handling a shared item.  

o Hard-surfaced items, or items which can be laundered should be cleaned and disinfected.  

o Soft-surface items, or other items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected should be isolated for a period of 24 hours. 

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  1. Can I still have a yard sale outside in front garden whilst in tier 2. Some of my friends and neighbours are hoping to have a series of Christmas yard sales to make up for the cancellation of our annual Furzedown Christmas Outdoor market, and as a yard sale participant I need to know if I can go ahead. The rules published on the Government’s web site are far from clear. Obviously I will be adhering to covid-19 rules as best I can, but advice and guidance would be welcome. Thanks, George

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