Jane Cox


Jane Cox was the paid companion of Florence Bravo at the Priory, Balham. They met in 1871 at Brooklands House [this stood where the junction of Brookview Road and Clairview Road is today] when Florence was staying there with her solicitor Henry Brooke and his wife. Jane Cox was an impoverished widow with three young sons who were at school in Streatham. She worked for the Brookes as a daily governess to their daughter. She and Florence became good friends and when Florence offered her a job as a paid companion she gladly accepted.

She was instrumental in introducing the widow, Florence Ricardo, to the young barrister Charles Bravo.


After CharlesŐ mysterious death in April 1876 she, as well as Florence, was one of the main suspects for the murder though nothing could be proved against her.  She died in Lee, part of Lewisham, London in 1917.