Plastic Bag Free


Furzedown encourages all Furzedown shoppers to use and re-use environmentally-friendly shopping bags and asks all shops to only give out plastic bags on demand.

Pictured  is the launch of our new eco bag at Makeover Moyser, 4th June 2010

Eco bag

  • A person uses a plastic carrier bag on average for just 12 minutes
  • Worldwide over 1.2 trillion plastic bags are used a year, an average of 300 bags for per person.
  • That’s over 1 million bags being used every minute. If laid end-to-end, these would stretch to the moon and back FIVE times
  • Scientists estimate each plastic item could last in the environment anywhere between 400 to 1000 years (New Scientist) (UNEP)
  • Excess packaging is not just bad for the environment, it’s bad for your pocket. 2007 studies show that excess packaging costs the average UK family about £470 a year ( (BBC News)
  • When a plastic enters the ocean it becomes a harmful litter.
  • Marine animals mistake plastic bags for food and swallow them, with painful, often fatal consequences.
  • Nearly 90% of floating marine litter is plastic (Algalita) (MCS)
  • Plastic bags, as with all forms of plastic, do not biodegrade, they photodegrade – breaking down into smaller toxic bits that contaminate soil, waterways, oceans and enter the food chain when ingested by animals
  • Plastic production uses 8% of all the world’s oil production. At the current rate the world produces 200 million tons of plastic a year. Less than 3.5% is recycled (Algalita) (Greenpeace Ocean defenders) (waste online)