Punch and Judy


Our Royal Punch and Judy Show is a traditional show with its easily recognisable red and white striped tent and includes all the slapstick and characters that generations remember.  Characters like “Mr.Punch” with his high shrill voice,  “Judy” his long suffering wife, Baby “Marmaduke”, “Joey” the clown and not forgetting the Policemen “PC49” trying to enforce Law and Order without success.  The Mayor intervenes with little success to quell the ridiculous behaviour of “Mr.Punch.  Also included is the famous sausages that get “Mr.Punch” into trouble with the crocodile.  At the end of the show all ends well and the Ghost keeps the tradition of good over evil and all the characters are ready for the next performance.

Each Royal Punch and Judy Show is totally dependent on audience participation and the rapport between the puppeteer and the audience so every show is different.  It can be satirical, humorous or just for fun.  Although called Royal Punch and Judy the show rarely features any Royal characters.

Our Royal Punch and Judy Show is a unique show that never fails to amuse children, parents and grandparents which is why “Mr.Punch” caters for children aged 1 – 100 !!  Many grandparents remember as children sitting on the Beach watching the show.

We are allowed to advertise the show as Royal Punch and Judy as in 1625 James I gave the Royal Charter to all Theatres including Street Theatres and our proscenium as with all Theatres are entitled to have the Royal Crest emblazoned upon it and is often seen with paintings of the reigning Monarch.

Punch and Judy was first seen in Covent Garden on 9th May, 1662 being described by the 17th Century Diarist Samuel Pepys.  It also has the freedom to perform in any churchyard.

To sum up Royal Punch and Judy has entertained Royals and the general public in England  for 355 years.